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One Phix, Two Phix, Red Phix, Blue Phix

Don't look back, and don't look down ...

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  • bluephix@livejournal.com
These things get very stereotypical very quickly. I'm interested in quite a lot of things. So are you, probably. Maybe some of these things even overlap; hard to tell, though, as I can be fickle. I like mythology, philosophy, theology, preferably set against a backdrop of possible human futures. I have a high tolerance for adjectives and a low tolerance for bad writing, a high tolerance for darkness and a low tolerance for meaningless angst, a high tolerance for ... you see, we could be here all day. And no one wants that.

This livejournal is Friends Only. Comment and tell me how you found my journal, why you want to friend me, etc., and I will most likely add you.

(Hopefully there will be swanky graphics here at some point.)